The history of CONTECHIN GROUP dates back to 1998, when the company STOMIX Hradec Králové s.r.o was founded, and in 2011 renamed to MISEKO group s.r.o. In 2020, the company was renamed to its final and current name CONTECHIN GROUP s.r.o.


To become a leading supplier of advanced technologies and investment units. It is extremely important for us, that during our growth, we adhere to our ethical and moral principles. We would like to contribute to life in harmony with the natural resources.


Bringing customers a complete and optimal solutions in all areas of our production and supplied activities.


Professional team. Responsibility towards the environment and natural resources. Respect and human approach to customers and colleagues.

Bořivoj Minář

STOMIX Hradec Králové s.r.o., an affiliated company of the international STOMIX concern, has been active in the field of energy savings since its inception, especially in energy consulting and engineering and the supply of building insulation systems. The owners of the international concern STOMIX were also shareholders in STOMIX Hradec Králové s.r.o. After the acquisition of the international concern STOMIX by a foreign investor, all business shares of the original company STOMIX Hradec Králové s.r.o. (MISEKO Group s.r.o.) were bought by a partner and managing director of the company Bořivoj Minář. The company was subsequently renamed to the now existing CONTECHIN GROUP s.r.o.

The original focus and goals of the company remain unchanged. The scope of the company was expanded to other areas of energy savings and alternative energy sources, especially technologies for biomass processing and technologies for the production of heat and electricity from biomass. In recent years, much attention has also been paid to technologies for municipal waste management.

A large segment of the company portfolio consists of technologies for minerals processing and the production of building materials (adhesives, sealants, plasters), which are necessary for the completion of the thermal insulation systems.

The company focuses mainly on foreign markets in Europe, Asia, North and South America. In particular Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Vietnam, Laos, Senegal, Mongolia, Brazil, Canada.

Almost in every foreign destination, there is a large demand for Czech beer. This was also the reason for extending the specific orientation of the company to the supplies of technologies for the production of beer – microbreweries and smaller breweries. The offer of start-up solution of microbreweries CON-BEER® 500 COMPACT and CON-BEER® 1000 COMPACT used mainly as microbreweries for restaurants is definitely worth mentioning. With our technologies we also supply czech malt and hops for the production beer. In addition to the supply of technologies, CONTECHIN GROUP also offers a complete solution for a traditional Czech pub, presented internationally under the brand Czech crown restaurants®. The project combines Czech beer technologies, Czech raw materials, Czech recipes as well as the Czech beer culture.

An important aspect is also the tradition and experience of Czech industrialists, which we respectfully follow. The Czech industry has been and will continue to be one of the world leaders.

In close cooperation with other members of the group, CONTECHIN GROUP offers complete solutions consisting of consulting, design, delivery with assembly, staff training, service and supply of spare parts.

In all areas of the company activities, we place great emphasis on professionalism, quality, and longevity of the technologies. Reasonable price and solidity is a matter of course and a bonus.CONTECHIN GROUP specializes in complete, tailored solutions. Our team of colleagues and associates connected to our consortium is able to handle even very demanding tasks.

We wish for our customers to be fully satisfied and to come back. Gaining the customers trust is our goal as it is our commitment X.

Bořivoj Minář
Managing Director / Founder


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