The existing practice, experience, experienced stories and elementary empathy give me the courage to offer the use of my skills for the benefit of those who need it and want it. Experience in the creation, development and management of large international companies together with experience in managing trades are often nontransferable. Business, launched in the early nineties, after the Revolution had a touch of the mysterious and unknown. The first confrontation with the reality of Czech business were unforgettable. Successes and failures have always been a motor impulse to the improvement of yourself. Your Own mistakes are usually the most instructive. People generally hesitate to accept advice from other people unless they know that person experienced it by themselves.

Managerial, personnel and export consultancy supplemented by coaching can benefit especially businessmen who want to move from affective management and leadership to more professional concept of management. The one who leads and manages must see the goal, explain to the team why it was set out and closely monitor if all the actions are heading the right direction. Setting out the objectives, strategy, motivating, controlling and supporting people is the most important thing expected and required from the leader. That in no way means that it is wrong to use common sense. It is very important to improve your personality, be a team player, play by the rules and to provide trust

Bořivoj Minář

Personnel Consulting

  • Recruiting people
  • Processing and implementation of processes of personal development.
  • Preparation and implementation of the Assessment Centre, including the use of standardized testing techniques.
  • Providing Development Centre, including preparation of plans of professional development (training plans and projects).
  • Design and implementation of employee evaluation systems.


  • Professional and performance coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Coaching in personal development
  • Coaching is intended for anyone who wants to further develop, solve problems at work or personal life, thinks about changes, himself, his family, employees and looks constantly for new options and pathways to follow.

The goal of those services is to help in development of companies and to promote their orientation in credible markets in and out of the EU. It includes analysis of export potential of the company, setting price, technical and utility parameters of the product so it is salable in chosen territory ,description of the target capacity of the company to ensure its competitiveness abroad and ensuring financial resources to achieve these abilities. The important part is marketing and mediation of export orders, inclusion of the company to the supply consortia and providing export financing and insurance.

  • Export consulting
  • Marketing studies
  • Preparation for export
  • Finding partners abroad
  • Direct export of Czech goods
  • Trade negotiations with foreign nationals
  • Arranging expositions abroad
  • Designing of advertising materials
  • Certification of goods abroad


  • Setting the initial optimal organizational structure.
  • Help in finding, selecting and adapting key personnel.
  • Cooperation in the strategy development.
  • Help with creating a business plan.
  • Assistance in finding usable grants.

Consulting regarding the measures that can be taken in order to achieve savings of energy and natural resources.

  • Thermal insulation of buildings
  • Windows replacement
  • Heat source exchange
  • Roof insulation
  • Regulation of the heating system
  • Fuel from renewable sources – pellets, briquettes


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